Feb 17, 2011

Happy Chinese valentine's day

It's been bloody cold in Hong Kong the whole week... with 2 valentine's day happened in 3 days, I'd say it should be pretty warm for those who have someone to keep warm...tho may be extra cold for the others. Luckily I have my cashmere turtle neck in my favorite color today to keep myself warm and cozy. 

 wearing EPISODE cashmere sweater, Zara clutch, Forever 21 ring, Zara strap sandal high heels

Feb 12, 2011

Party like a bunny

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Wednesday night, my girlfriends and I joined the Bunny Love party at REPUBLIK, one of the city's hottest new venues organized by Sassy Hong Kong. It was a celebration for both Chinese New Year and Valentine's day, featuring bunnies from the Playboy Club at the Sands Macau in their first appearance in HK! On top of that, topless male models were serving delicious snacks from new Soho restaurant BRAT and we were treated free flow Belvedere cocktails! The whole place was so packed, Sassy sure knows how to throw a good party!  

Afterwards we paid a short visit to Dragon i then we were off to Sliver. After a little bit too much Tequila shots I found myself dancing on the stage behind the DJ booth in front of everybody!! We hit Beijing club afterwards for the lady's night party. I couldn't believe on a Wednesday night at 3am, the whole club is still fully packed! Somehow I've always had some prejudice towards people at Beijing, but something about guys here tonight or may be I just had too much drunk, cute guys are all around! It was a real blast tho my stomach made it clear that I'll not be allowed to party this hard anytime soon since I throw up 3 times the next day:P    

Feb 9, 2011

afternoon in the garden

I love the private garden we have just right below our housing estate. always so quiet and peaceful. wearing my souvenir necklace from the Sacre Coeur Paris, top from a local boutique, skirt from Paper Scissors (from NZ), Coach scarf and gloves , INVITO handbag from Amsterdam and Zara booties.

Feb 7, 2011

Happy Chinese new year!

After quitting my fashion merchandiser job and went on a 4-month-long travel across the North America and New Zealand, I finally came back home last week to spend Chinese new year with my friends and family.With all the amazing experiences and inspirations I got from my journey yet without a job, money nor boyfriend now that I'm back home, I've come up to set up a blog as a way to consume my time in addition to  reading gossip magazines and chucking junk food into my body. I've always wanted to create a fashion blog as my own little fashion diary. hope you guys enjoy it!  
at the rocky beach just 5 mins walk away from my apartment
loved the embellishments on this Steve Madden platform sandals 
wearing my mum's scarf, JEANASIS sweater, SUPRE (which is one of my favorite Aussie brand) shorts, H&M clutch, Kate Spade hand-in-hand bangle from New York and Murano glass ring from Venice