Feb 7, 2011

Happy Chinese new year!

After quitting my fashion merchandiser job and went on a 4-month-long travel across the North America and New Zealand, I finally came back home last week to spend Chinese new year with my friends and family.With all the amazing experiences and inspirations I got from my journey yet without a job, money nor boyfriend now that I'm back home, I've come up to set up a blog as a way to consume my time in addition to  reading gossip magazines and chucking junk food into my body. I've always wanted to create a fashion blog as my own little fashion diary. hope you guys enjoy it!  
at the rocky beach just 5 mins walk away from my apartment
loved the embellishments on this Steve Madden platform sandals 
wearing my mum's scarf, JEANASIS sweater, SUPRE (which is one of my favorite Aussie brand) shorts, H&M clutch, Kate Spade hand-in-hand bangle from New York and Murano glass ring from Venice  


  1. loving the blog Nobel./..keep up the good work..see you in HK in August...xx Tom frm QT

  2. i like it very much hun! u look gorgeous as always =)


  3. Love the idea you're blogging honey!
    Keep us posted:)


  4. Wow, the blog looks interesting! You look great, the photos look great! Love it!! Will visit often!! Keep blogging! =)


  5. Hello Nobel! Very nice blog, I am proud to be your 1st Google follower hehe ^^
    I have a blog too, it's about beauty products and I've just launched my own online shop of organic and natural cosmetics : www.ayanature.com
    For now it's in French but I'm working on the English version to come soon (I hope so!).
    Good luck with your blog, I totally support it ! :)

  6. Beautiful Baby.....Nice shoes!!!