Aug 31, 2011

Sea of shoes III- the killers

my last post for my "Sea of Shoes" trilogy. there are some extreme high heels that I collect from around the world, it takes lots of practice to master these high heels! 
This is my souvenir from Japan, I got it in a small boutique in Tokyo that sells sky high platform high heels. this one is just champion! 
It was love at first sight between these bejeweled Steve Madden and I. They are just so gorgeous. 

This Guess high heels is my ultimate dancing shoes, I got them the first night I arrived Hollywood,L.A. for a party when I was travelling alone there. I feel the Beyonce-Sasha Fierce transformation every time I'm in it. this is the sexiest shoes ever!
I got this from a designer boutique in New Zealand. It is designed by a local Kiwi designer. the stiletto is just so hot!
From Zara.
This Nine West sling back high heels are so good looking yet I basically couldn't walk in it. Last time I was wearing it I ended up buying a pair of Crocs to change into! 
Steve Madden again. Wedges are summer must have

Aug 28, 2011

Sea of shoes II - My fair lady

I bought these pink sandals in Singapore long time ago, it looks so nice on display but its not as easy to style as I thought. I would pair it with jeans but it would look quite sophisticated on me, still I just love the color.

I was given these 2 pairs of Marc Jacobs sandals from Spring 11 collection recently. They look so adorable yet not really that nice to walk in quite frankly.
This, I would like to call it my princess pump. I got them in Chicago in this cheap shoe shop right next to the subway station opened by some Asians selling fake handbag and gorgeous high heels.

I got these silver evening high heel sandals from Spain few years ago, I remember dancing in them in one of the biggest night clubs in Madrid, Kapital, these stilettos are a real challenge!

I actually DON'T remember getting these at all! just found it when organizing the wardrobe! though I will definitely wear it from now on, they are just so adorable!

Aug 25, 2011

Sea of Shoes I - the little black stiletto

It's been a while since my last update, there's just so much going on this summer!Anyway, I had a day off yesterday for my motorcycle exam, but since I hurt my back I couldn't really get on a bike now, so I have some spare time at home today. I was going over my shoe wardrobe to give my high heels a polish since I might not be wearing them for a while, and then I thought, it would be fun to record my shoe collection! since there are quite come pictures, so I'm separating them into 3 posts.        

These Ferragamo are the most comfortable high heels I've owned. Given I have flat feet and I cant really stand in heels for long hours, the cut is just so good and you can walk really stable in them. In fact they are so comfy I had to get 2 pairs in a row! I want to get a collection of different colours and heights!
I really like this Nine West open toe pump, its style is so classy and ladylike with the pleated satin wrapping and the diamonde ribbon in front
I got this lovely Mary Jane from French Connections in London Camden town in a bargain sale. It was my first time to go for bargain sale, basically we pay 1 pound to go in and was given a garbage bag large enough to fit a person as our shopping bag. Since it was bargain sale, everyone was  fighting for the goods (it was not easy to fight with all the big ladies) and just do fitting on the spot coz there's no fitting room! When I saw this pair of Mary Jane, I just grab it without even thinking and run to the cashier like I would run for my life. btw I probably only wore it once for it's so damn hard to walk in!
This is one of my favourite of all, I wear it all the time. It's from Zara and it's really easy to walk in with the high platform in front and the stiletto just looks so sexy. A must-have for all girls. 
This platform high heel sandals from Mango is really nice, the cork platform in front makes it so easy walk in, I can stand in them for hours!

I'll upload more later this week:)